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Solar Energy Can Split Water

According to a study published by Binghamton University, it will soon be easier to use visible light (solar energy) to split water into its composite oxygen and hydrogen gas. The former can be burned cleanly, with no carbon dioxide production.

“‘The key idea is to generate a solar fuel: hydrogen gas, which can be burnt to release energy on demand without releasing carbon dioxide,” said Binghamton University Associate Professor of Physics Louis Piper. “For water splitting, we use visible light to generate photo-excited negative electrons and positive holes that are then separated in order to catalyze water into oxygen and hydrogen gases. Storing gases is more straightforward (and cheaper) than employing battery set-ups, so this approach has the benefit of clean energy harvesting and storage.'”

Read the full story at Science Daily: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/01/190123131708.htm

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