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Italy Sets Sights on Hefty Solar Target

The Italian government has laid out plans detailing a renewed push toward sustainable energy recently. By 2030, solar power is expected to represent half of Italy’s renewable capacity, with the other two sources being wind and hydropower.
“According to the new plan, solar has seen its 2030 target for power generation revised up from 72 TWh to 74 TWh and it has also been given an installed capacity target – 50 GW – that was not present in the SEN, despite predictions around 30 GW would be needed to achieve the 72 TWh target.
Italy has an installed PV capacity of almost 20 GW, meaning around 7 GW more will be required to hit the MISE target of 26.6 GW of PV capacity by 2025.
Solar is expected to represent more than the half of Italy’s renewables capacity, which is expected to reach 93.1 GW from around 54 GW currently. The second largest renewable energy source is expected to be hydropower – a traditional strength of the mountainous nation – with 19.2 GW, followed by wind (18.4 GW) and biomass (3.7 GW).”
There are certain conditions, chief among them is the minimization of agricultural land loss in the installation of solar panels. This, however, is not an obstacle expected to pose any significant threat to Italy’s 2030 plans.
“‘On the authorization side, as I said, the government should define, together with the regions, clear rules that reduce [the] timeframe and encourage the involvement of local realities, a decisive step to reach the 2030 targets,’ renewable energy consultant Gianni Silvestrini told pv magazine at the time.”
This is good news. It’s encouraging to see the increased fervor with which states in our own Union and nation states abroad are adopting solar power. To free more  people from dependence on harmful or non-renewable sources of energy could very well be the struggle of our time, and it is heartening when individuals or governments tackle it head on. 

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