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How You Can Save Money and Thwart Utility Companies

Since the dawn of the creation of electricity nearly every living human being on this planet has found a use for its power. And during this time, big utility companies have successfully ensured that every human being has access to it. There are poles, wires and meters that run alongside every river, forest, and mountain in this country, sometimes as far as the eye can see, due to many improvements in the modern technology of this century.

Our country has successfully managed to provide the entire population with electricity, and the big utility companies only seem to be growing in size, so there lies only one unanswered question: why do the electricity rates keep going up?

Every decade big industries are responsible for finding more coal in order to mass distribute their electricity through the grid lines and into your homes, a process that costs more money and uses an excessive amount of resources every year. As the cost of coal and what it takes to process it over time have grown increasingly, naturally there is a higher price to be shelled out by the utility companies. But it’s not the utility companies paying the price. It’s the person purchasing their power, you.

So of course one would think: now that everyone in the country is connected to the grid, big utility companies would have begun working on a process by which generating this constant stream of power for literally millions of people would improve substantially over time. A rational human being would think this. An irrational person would also think this. No one enjoys paying bills, so why continue to pay more?

What happened, and what we in the solar community consider common knowledge is:

The once–trusted utility companies realized that, since the electricity is a non renewable resource and fluctuates in price, they are permitted to subject their customers to the prices they choose at whim. This monopoly-like discovery has also lead big utility companies to cease spending on all improvements towards distribution of cheaper or cleaner energy, due to the fact that lower bills mean, of course, smaller profits.

So now, this dishonesty does not only affect consumers by leaving them under the mercy of high rates when purchasing their power. It also leaves big utility companies at large to charge as much as they desire, just as long as their bank statements continue to show their current numbers.

The amount of work that is exerted into producing, generating, and transmitting YOUR electricity is much more cumbersome than the utility companies want you to know. And what most of the population doesn’t know, is that this process isn’t even useful anymore; it’s actually outdated. If you live in the state of California or any other state currently passing amendments for solar (shoutout to my home state of Florida), a crucial piece of information for you to know is that utilizing solar power is now essentially free of charge. Similar to how big utility companies charge you to use their power, state homeowners now have the choice to purchase power from solar companies without the expense of owning the panels themselves! And just like big utility companies don’t charge you for damage to their equipment due to natural causes, neither are you responsible for the maintenance of the panels. No longer are you forced to purchase power solely from a coal-powered utility company. Without any cost to the homeowner, one can now benefit from this self-sufficient power source, without having to break the bank.

Imagine millions of people now having the choice of who they choose to purchase power from, whether it be the nearly unjustifiable prices of the utility companies and their rigged rates, or from the natural creation of sun-powered energy from the courtesy of your own rooftop. No more generation and transmission fees for the transfer of dirty electricity and instead a cost-free clean energy from your roof into your home at a reasonable rate.

We here at Sungrade Solar refuse to allow this ‘controversial subject’ to be misinterpreted any longer. It is our oath to make sure that the common man and woman know that they have a choice and a voice. This is something bigger than all of us. We can save this planet, but only if we act now. Do your part and share this message with your friends and family!

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