Sungrade's Story

May, 2016: A few friends passionate about higher quality solar and service launched a different kind of company. Today, we’re one of the fastest growing solar companies in California, employing hundreds of people and empowering thousands of satisfied customers who’ve recognized the tangible and intangible differences Sungrade brings to the table. We’re excited about our past, present & future!

Served by the Best

Like to do business with extremely capable people you genuinely trust? We do too. Our creation was born out of a desire to create something with a consistently better feel. That’s why we work hard to attract and retain top talent with the idea of “select hard; manage easy.” We seek bright, diverse people who love what they do and truly care about those they’re serving. Whether it’s the solar consultant (maybe not sales consultant?) you meet in person or the customer service specialist just a quick call away, you can always expect professionalism, integrity, and a sense of collaboration with all our staff.

Your Sungrade Solar Experience

Fast, Efficient, Hassle-Free

This is where we shine. Going solar has a lot of moving parts (financing, permits, design, installation, operating permissions) and some companies take up to six months to get through it all. But logistics is absolutely our forté. Our unique workflow process launches you from the first conversation to our installer’s finishing touches in just two to four weeks, with as little inconvenience to you as humanly possible.

Two Reasons to Look Up

Most physical aspects of houses that make them look spectacular cost money. This one makes money. Harvesting the sun’s power should look stellar, so we fashion a powerful and complementary fit for your home with two fantastic facets: The sleek black-on-black panels and our low-profile mounting make our arrays a beautiful, synergistic addition to your property.

Our Voice
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Become part of our team
We’re a growing company headed for the top of the California solar market, and we’d love to take you with us. How about it? Are you ready to work the best job you’ve ever had with some of the best people you’ll ever meet?