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  • Base Salary + Commission
  • Leading Sales Training
  • Amazing Company Culture
  • Healthcare Benefits & EAP
  • Personal Growth
  • High Earning Potential
  • Defined Career Path
  • Paid Time Off
  • Give Back through Service!

Sungrade gives you the the tools to power your career, and yourself!

Instead of a J.O.B. at a company inspired by little more than the bottom line, how about a diversity-minded, team-oriented for purpose organization actively working to make our world better. We’re changing how business is done for employees, customers, and the planet!

Join Our Social Benefit Projects

Have a non-profit or specific cause you’re passionate about? Beyond just solar, Sungrade allows you to set aside part of your work week, and even provides resources to build a better future, your way.

Cali Born Company. Planet Minded Ideals. Plus You.

Working at Sungrade is more than just a job. Surrounded by a powerful team of positive collaborators, it’s a supportive success incubator for those ready to maximize their potential and become their best self. More than for profit; for purpose!

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