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Why Sungrade?

The best people, the right options, constant innovation, and the most efficient process in the solar industry is what we bring to the table. We make transitioning to clean solar energy simple; the way it should be.


Introducing Surveys By Drone

We are proud to be the first in the solar industry to utilize drone technology for our surveys. Now you can receive a free, fast, and one-hundred-percent accurate solar assessment with zero hassle and zero impact on your roof.


Our Process

1. Get Qualified

Do you have a high enough utility bill? Do you qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit? Which of our programs are best for you? We analyze your electricity bill, and start the conversation with you.

2. Survey by Drone

We have launched the industry’s first solar  drone survey fleet. Our certified drone pilots take just 20 minutes to fly over your roof and get 100% accurate data.

Fast, free, safe, and frankly amazing.

3. Design

Our drone team submits the survey data to our design and engineering team to analyze exactly how much solar availability your roof has, and creates a design to match your usage in just 48 hours.

4. Consultation

Your personal solar consultant, whom by now you know well, sits down with you and your family to go over your design, savings, and all of your lingering questions. Once everything checks out, we can green light going green!

5. We Pull Permits

If you’ve ever pulled permits with your city before, you know it can be a hassle. Not with Sungrade; we’ll take care of it all. Our great working relationships with the permit offices in each municipality make our turnaround times the fastest in the industry.

6. Get Installed

Once the permits are back, we schedule and perform your installation. After that, we submit the paperwork to your utility company to activate your system, and you are officially solar!


Happy Customers


Average Savings


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Our Powerful Portfolio

Check out images, video, testimonials, and savings from the best customers in the world!
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Russ Mckelvey’s Install
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Jermey Simoneaux’s Install
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Dennis Allen’s Install
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Alan And Lianne’s Install
Thanks Alan and Lianne! Mikey's still working on his golf swing!
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Solar Twinstalls
A tale of two neighbors, going green.
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Pete and Erin Vainoris’s Install
Thank you for choosing Sungrade, Erin and Pete!
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Incredible Support

Happy Testimonials

"I felt well taken care of with the service Sungrade Solar offered. They use tier 1 solar panels, high quality optimizers and inverter, and provide monitoring and maintenance of my system for 25 years with a warranty of 25 years on the system. To know I wouldn't have to deal with a contractor that would install it and leave it up to me to make sure it was working felt so reassuring."
"Sungrade handled the entire install, HOA approval, city permits, inspection, etc., in a speedy and professional manner. James was great with follow-up from start to finish. In fact, every Sungrade employee I interacted with was friendly and professional. Even the city inspector I spoke with said these guys have it down to a science... making his final inspection job a breeze."
"I really believe that solar is the future and Sungrade is definitely the way to go."
Sylvia K.
Walnut Creek, CA
Jim Thompson
Orange County
Erin Vainoris
Orange County

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