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Sungrade Solar is a part of the new class of Social Benefit Corporations (B-Corp). Sungrade honors a “triple bottom line,” focusing on people, planet, and profit. Sungrade focuses on residential solar installation, direct sales, logistics, and software development. Sungrade makes efficient and cleaner energy available to homeowners, business organizations, and non-profits at a lower cost than they pay for electricity generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

Sungrade’s goal is to provide clean and affordable power on a global scale, while maintaining the highest standard of quality using state of the art technology, and keeping a remarkably accelerated timeline.

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Aaron Katz

Aaron is well known in the solar industry having lead two previous companies and built large scale, national businesses. His last endeavor was at Bright Planet Solar where he built out sales and install capacity across California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Maryland.

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Owen Gintis

Owen has spent the last two decades leading in the world of finance and high speed trading. He oversaw the IT build out for a leading San Francisco hedge fund and has consulted for high value startups in the Bay Area. He is an expert in technology development, efficiency, and finance.

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Zain Jan

Zain is a highly acclaimed leader in the solar industry, having developed, supported and trained teams of hundreds for multiple different solar companies in America. Zain is overseeing the revenue operations, marketing and business development of Sungrade.

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Andrew Zambetti

Andrew brings an entrepreneurial spirit to Sungrade and instills the vision into everyone on the team.
He is the director of employee development and works 7 days a week to ensure every homeowner’s needs are met.